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Fruit of the Spirit Shoreline.jpg
August Forest.jpg
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Lumpy Moose 1.jpg
cup of miracles.jpg
Tree of Enchantment Ball.jpg
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Laurie Pollpeter Eskenazi Heart.jpg
Blessing Bowl Sienna.jpg
Sm Birdbath blue.jpg

Handmades are our favorite things!  We find artists that create beauty in ways we have not even imagined.   These unique items make the best gifts for you and your special ones.

Who doesn’t love a little something special made with love?

Handmades: About Us


Laurie Polpeter Eskenazi

Blanket Creek

Duane Scherer

Bottle Benders

Kitras Art Glass

Luke Adams


Stephen Mc Govney

And More..

Handmades: Text
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